St. Louis Women's Surgery Center Acquires THUNDERBEAT

The Women’s Surgery Center recently acquired Olympus’ THUNDERBEAT integrated energy system. THUNDERBEAT is the world's only surgical technology that combines advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies into a single multifunctional hand instrument, allowing surgeons to simultaneously seal and cut vessels up to and including 7 mm in size with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Energy devices can be used in all forms of surgical intervention, but they play a particularly important role in today’s minimally invasive surgeries, replacing traditional sealing devices such as sutures, clips and stitches. Advanced bipolar devices offer low heat energy to effectively and safely coagulate tissue, but a separate cutting knife is required for tissue dissection, which can impact surgical efficiency. Ultrasonic devices, on the other hand, offer simultaneous cutting and sealing capabilities, but they can generate excessive heat. Until now, surgeons have had to make a decision on which capability is most important for each surgery.

THUNDERBEAT eliminates that difficulty by integrating both of these energy sources into one device to combine the low heat of advanced bipolar with the simultaneous cutting and sealing capabilities of ultrasonic energy. Additionally, it boasts the fastest cutting speed, delivers reliable vessel sealing, and provides the highest grasping forces at the tip when compared to the leading energy instruments currently on the market.

THUNDERBEAT was introduced to the market in 2012 and was recognized by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons as one of their 2012 Innovations of the Year and was also honored by Surgical Products magazine in the same year with an Excellence in Surgical Products Award.

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Story courtesy of Olympus.